Monday, April 15, 2013

What's In Our Bags?

I am borderline OCD when it comes to organization in my handbag. I hate HATE when people rummage through their purses trying to find change, a pen or gum. If time really was money I would have lost a small fortune just waiting for that lady in front of me to pay for her $10 salad. Some people like to carry their whole life inside a handbag (which may be sharing a bit too much of yourself) but I prefer the necessary everyday essentials that will help me make it through my day.

Elaina’s handbag essentials:
  1. Gum – Just in case because you never know who you will meet!
  2. iPhone – Okay so it doesn’t need to be an iphone…well okay maybe it does. It’s the people contactor, social media medium, music provider and good companion all packaged into one highly marketable pretty chuck of technology. I cannot be the only person who feels naked without her phone?!
  3. Lipstick – Not only does it happen to complete my look of the day, but it also helps to keep my lips conditioned and looking oh-so-good.
  4. Cash – because money can buy you pretty much all the materialistic things that your little heart desires
  5. Pouches – They are wonderful little organizers that help you to not be that rummaging lady in line. They are affordable and comes in a variety of cute patterns, shapes and sizes; adding a bit more personality to your handbag.

I have big bag syndrome, somehow the phrase the bigger the better stuck with me in this case. I like to throw in everything I think I'll ever need ever so if by some freak accident I'm stranded I'll be prepared. New year new me I figure I should at least try to keep things super minimal so I only take the barest of necessities with me:
Margaret’s handbag essentials:
  1. Phone – If I could only take one thing this would be it.
  2. Kiehl's Lip Balm – Sadly one of the only lip balms I can safely use without risking balloon lips
  3. Oil Blotting sheets – nNcely packaged with a mirror which is always handy
  4. Gum – Because you never know
  5. Roller ball perfume – I'm a big fan of the roller balls, it ensures that I don't over spray and it's perfectly sized to throw in a small bag
  6. Hand cream – I'm slightly OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my hands I despise the grimy feeling of unwashed hands on piano keys and cringe when I see others do it, unfortunately this means drier hands as a result of excessive washing so hand cream is a must
Tell us what are some of your handbag essentials?

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