Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Walk-in to My Dream

Photo Credit: Google Images 
A closet can speak volumes about a person’s personality. Are they boring? Vibrant? Or bold? Taking a peek at what they buy or own would be difficult if the space looked like a tornado hit it. Closet organization saves me from the embarrassment of wearing mismatched socks, or being late because I can’t find the top that goes with that cute skirt. Since we might not meet a Mr.Big and be granted that magical shiny beautiful walk in closet that we of course all deserve, we need to look to different and heart breaking realistic ways to keep organized and have a closet that is functional yet pretty in its own way.

Inexpensive Ikea closet storage Solutions
  1. Svajs, $2.99 set of 3
  2. Komplement, $24.99
  3. Garnityr, $16.99
  4. Bumerang, $0.99 each
  5. Komplement, $9.99
  6. Brallis, $4.99 each

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