Thursday, March 28, 2013

Buttery Smooth

Jacket: Danier 250| Top: F21 23| Jeans: AE 14| Belt: Joe Fresh 12| Scarf: H&M 12| Boots: Steve Madden 70
I have a reputation to keep when it comes to presenting me in public.  But who doesn’t like to play on the edge a bit and bring out their inner bad ass (or in my case the one that is hidden in my mind).  Leather has always had its reputation, favoured by all the bad boys and tough girls of our time and beyond.  As an ongoing trend, I am seeing more and more leather surface in different pieces which allows me (and you) to be fearless and pull off different looks incorporating the fabric.  Little subtle hints of leather never hurt anyone well maybe it hurt Ross from Friends in his little leather incident, but we learn from others misfortunes!
Sweater: Zara 20| Jeans: Zara 15| Necklace: H&M 18| Shoes: BCBG Max Azria 60
I know that the boot is probably the piece of footwear that I don the most during the winter.  All that lovely shiny leather just makes an outfit more polished and keeps my legs all nice and toasty.  There is an abundant amount of boots that I can choose from but as the seasons change, I gravitate towards my booties.  Booties are the more season appropriate choice before we move on to flats, and the “it’s-not-a-shoe-but-it-is-a-shoe” flip flop.  The never ending Raincouver…err I mean Vancouver rain sure doesn’t help one to put away the boots in storage. So why not make them an essential that I can pair with just about anything, and for any kind of day or night look. 

Top: F21 19| Skirt: F21 30| Belt: Old Navy 5| Necklace: F21 9| Clutch: H&M 12| Booties: Zara 40
Top: F21 12| Skirt: F21 30| Necklace: F21 12| Clutch: F21 15


Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Bit of This a Little Mist of That...

I must confess to a problem... I am Margaret and I’m addicted to dying my hair.

With dye jobs it is inevitable that my truecolour peeps out every now and then (the horror!) and when it does I have an urge to re-dye it. The roots bother me, I have tried very hard to grow it out and go with the ombre effect popular these days but I can’t do it! Call it OCD because you can bet I’ll be perusing the hair dye aisle at my local drugstore comparing shades.
As a result of constant colouring, my strands are feeling a bit on the dry crunchy side (well not really but some pampering was in order!), and so I stumbled on Live Clean’s Argan Oil leave in spray. “Exotic Nectar argan oil leave-in conditioner spray with certified organic grape seed and olive oils is a weightless leave-in treatment that seals in moisture to provide enhanced long-term conditioning, shine and UV protection.” I have hair bordering on the oily side and by bordering I mean frolicking carelessly with reckless abandon so I’m cautious when approaching anything that has “oil” in the name, thankfully this spray is indeed weightless and leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy although I’m not a huge fan of the scent but it doesn’t last so live and let live I say and mist away happily.

Friday, March 22, 2013

We've Got Mono(chromatics)

Blazer: Zara 80| Top: F21 23| Skirt: Urban Outfitters 20| Necklace: AE 7| Bangles: F21&H&M 6+7| Clutch: Aldo 15| Shoes: Dolce Vita 65

The amount of black that I wear in the winter can probably put a Goth to shame.  Black isn’t just sliming but the best blank canvas for playing with.  My basic black, grey and white canvas is premium for using accessories that have a personality of their own.  Instead of walking around the street in my drab monochromatic to welcome spring, I pair it with colourful and patterned accessories, no matter if they are around my neck or at my finger tips or kissing my feet.  Simply putting away all the monochromatic goodness is out of the question, so why not just change and adapt?

Tunic: H&M 18| Scarf: Zara 20| Liquid Leggings 6| Bracelet: F21 7| Shoes: Aldo 20

Blazer: Urban Outfitters 27| Tunic: F21 20| Necklace: Costa Blanca 9| Bangles: F21 8| Boots: Joe Fresh 40

  1. Duo tone necklace, F21 $6
  2. Blika ring, ASOS $7.08
  3. Jewel tone bib necklace, F21 $26
  4. Nude chain ankle strap flats, Zara $80
  5. Neon pink anchor studs, F21, $1.50
  6. Red bow skinny belt, F21, $6


  1. 1. Hodde Necklace, Aldo $18
  2. 2. Aureda bracelet, Aldo $18
  3. 3 .Attard ring, Aldo $8
  4. 4. Prak heels, Aldo $40
  5. 5. Amphillis ring, Aldo $10

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Move aside traditional lipsticks! Say hello to the new Maybelline color whisper line.  It was a bit difficult to hunt these down but finally managed to get my hands on one and I must say they are something to blog about.  The packaging is very sleek and feels quite nice in the hand, rather study actually for a drugstore lipstick.  The color is sheer with a smooth formula that feels nice on the lips.  “Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel, no heavy waxes or oils,” which works just fine for me, I’ve got what I like to refer to as weenie lips.   I sadly have strong reactions to most wax based lip balms and lipsticks re: peeling, painful mess of misery.  The color whisper does not have much staying power however it really is more of a gloss than anything else.  Slightly less pigmented than the Revlon lip butters although Maybelline does have a nice variety of shades to choose from.  Worth picking up in my opinion for a light pop of color on days when a little extra is all you need. 


Friday, March 15, 2013

Call it What You Want, it's Still Green

Green has never been my favourite colour.  Somehow against my ever-so-pale yellowy skin it just spells disaster with a capital D! (Even thinking about it gives me fashion chills in a BAD way).  Of course, this year, once again the fashion gods have declared emerald to be the new black…so what is a girl to do? 
Luckily and just in time for St.Paddy’s Day I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes when you just can’t fight it, you just have to suck it up and join in.  I’m not going to be running out to buy a whole new green emerald wardrobe to replace all that black I own, mind you, but instead I’ll look to putting small traces of green around my body.  Subtle hints of green here and there help to keep me on trend without getting admitted to the nearest hospital for looking positive ill under the green green shade.
All items under $30
  1. Green beaded necklace, F21 $7
  2. Green Stone open bangle, UO $16
  3. Rainbow chevron bangles, F21 $9
  4. Light green + gold bracelet, UO $7
  5. Shamrock stud earrings, F21 $4
  6. Quilted purse, F21 $24
  7. Army green pashmina, UO $18
Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

What Goes Around

Knit top: Zara 20| Cami: Aritzia 25| Scarf: F21 10| Liquid leggings: Urban Behavior 6| Bangles: F21 7| Purse: BCBG MaxAzria 50 
In winter we look to all kinds of pieces of clothing and accessories to keep us warm.  I did not learn until this winter following the top bun trend that my neck is a weak part of my body, often finding it turtled inside to keep warm.  Scarves in the winter are a must have; I often forget that the scarf isn’t just for function but it’s one of the best accessories ever made.  You can change the way an outfit looks with the right scarf pairing.  Just one pop of colour or pattern and your outfit suddenly becomes well put together and magical! So this season let’s shed the function of a scarf and use it to its full potential of making a drab outfit a unicorn, a magical unicorn.

Blouse: F21 23| Scarf: F21 12| Leggings: F21 5.5| Necklace: F21 12| Booties: Zara 40

Knit Top: Winners 15| Liquid Leggings: Urban Behavior 6| Belt: Joe Fresh 12| Scarf: Zara kids 10| Bangle: F21 8| Shoes: Aldo 20

Top: Zara 20| F21 12| Middle: Zara kids 10| H&M 12| F21 10 Bottom: Shanghai


Wednesday, March 06, 2013

NYFW Beauty Trends

Photo Credits:                                             

Style is about much more than just clothes, it’s the whole package, the makeup, the perfume, and the attitude.  All around the globe Fashion week 2013 brought forth several memorable makeup trends just in time for spring.  Some looks such as the whimsical heart face paintings crafted by Val Garland are destined to remain on the runway, while others like the matte complexions and fresh red lips are meant to welcome in the seasonal changes.

At the top of the list: less is more! A statement I’m sure we’ve all heard more than once.  A common trend spotted this year was simple clean makeup, flawless and matte.  This look is easily achieved with a new drugstore favorite the Revlon colorstay whipped foundation.  Applies like a dream and super light, simply use your fingers to spread the product on your face, set with powder and you’re runway ready in less than five minutes.
Spring is all about color! And that was no exception with the bright jeweled toned lids spotted on the runway of Donna Karan.  BH cosmetics feature a great range of affordable palettes with all the colors of the rainbow, pick one up today and give those hues a go!
Who doesn’t love a gorgeous vibrant red lip? No longer a shade reserved for the fall and winter, red is in the lead this spring.  I am a huge fan of the black eyeliner, a staple (I feel personally) in every girl’s makeup arsenal.  This year featured both demure thin lines and dramatic dark lines for the inner vixen in us all.  Which one will you be sporting?  My favorite eyeliner currently is the Stila stay all day waterproof liner.  No need for an extra brush or reapplications this nifty pen has got you covered whatever look you’re feeling.
 If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the brows are the curtains that frame your face.  I am a strong advocate for the fuller brow and lucky for me the final trend this year is the bold brow.  Give those tweezers a break and embrace the change! If you have naturally thinner eyebrows fill them in with the ELF eyebrow kits, an all in one kit that’ll keep you looking runway perfect all day. 
Photo Credits: Google Image

Monday, March 04, 2013

I Like Them Chunky

Sweater: Zara 20| Leggings: Aritzia 20| Necklace: F21 1.5| Bangles: Winners 25| Clutch: H&M 18| Booties: Zara 40

I’ve been putting chunky knit sweaters on the top of my ‘want list’ this entire winter.  I’ve been lucky enough to add a couple of new and clearance ones to my winter wardrobe.  Now that we are slowly (but surely!) heading towards spring and warmer weather (or just rain), I’m still not ready to give up on my precious chunky knits! I’ve come to the conclusion that layering is probably the most sensible thing to do. Of course we will also throw in some accessories and then we can go frolic and play without looking like what I call “weather retarded”. We shed the winter uniform and say hello to spring…err transitional weather!

What are you not ready to give up yet for spring?

Sweater: F21 18| Shirt: Garage 15| Leggings: TNA 20| Purse: H&M 12| Necklace: F21 8| Bangles: F21 10| Boots: Aldo 90

Sweater: Zara 20| Jeans: Zara 15| Belt: AE 11| Necklace: F21 8| Earrings: Aldo 7| Bangles: F21 8+12| Shoes: Sam Edelman 20

Friday, March 01, 2013

Movie Magic

The Oscars always provides a night of fashion and style; where the talented are recognized and Hollywood royalty come out for a night of glitz and glam.  Nominated or not, the most ANTICIPATED question is who is wearing what and what list will they end up on tomorrow.  
At the 85th Oscars this year I have to say that I was not too impressed with the choices that were made in the looks department.  No good risks were taken, but of course that may not be a huge surprise since pastel colours were the trend amongst the Hollywood Elite. Of course I have to compare across the board, since some of the most stunning pieces have come out of this event.  All the primping, millions in jewels and finding that perfect dress have come to this; so in my humble opinion, the celebrities that shined bright and the other…not so much, have been narrowed down to these…
Risks Gone Wrong...
Men in Tuxes

Photo Credits: