Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The One that Got Away

Taking a moment to get real personal here, but I want to share the sad story about a decision that I once made and regret terribly each passing day. Since we have parted ways, I’ve decided that the best way for me to heal is to talk openly about the situation and hope that you will learn a thing or two from me.
 I once laid eyes on and fell in love with a classy and versatile piece. It was a black on white striped cardigan sweater, which I had found on sale for $10! Being that it was pretty much a steal made it even harder to not feel that regret everyday…I rushed into some spring cleaning one day and made the awful mistake of donating it. Now I can’t really explain why, (I even paused due to some indecisiveness), I’m sure it pleaded and begged for me to rethink and keep it in my life, but I was stubborn and walked away.  I did not see all that potential in a well-made, well fitted and classic piece.
Cardigan: H&M 20
Now it is too late to go back with my tail between my legs and beg for it to come back into my life. But like all stories, there is a brighter side; recently I have found a (replacement) white on black striped cardigan that I have grown fond of and cherish in all the ways that I should. It has quickly become an essential piece to my wardrobe and snuck its way into my heart.
So learn a lesson from me, donating pieces from your wardrobe is never a bad idea but if you find yourself thorn and indecisive; go with your gut instincts and know that you are not ready to part ways. Not a day goes by without regret, but time maybe the only thing that will heal my wounded heart.

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