Friday, April 26, 2013

My Many Many Faces

Travel Makeup Case: Betsey Johnson 17
Like any girl we tend to forget that we only have one face to colour in, in the morning. I know that I buy more makeup than I need on a day to day basis; of course once in a while you DO need to shop for that special occasion or for that perfect red lipstick. All in all I may have a decent collection now and organization always comes to mind when we have a hoard of stuff. I find that organization allows for two things, one to keep me from wearing the same look days on end; two it also is very pleasant to the eye when you do it right! (Don’t tell me you have never admired a makeup collection video on YouTube!) I tend to keep my daily essentials separated from the rest, that way I can reach for what I always use and throw in some different things here and there to change it up.

Storage boxes: Daiso 2 each
Makeup organization doesn’t need to get too technical; you can find inexpensive ways to keep everything together and separated.


Gift Boxes: Daiso 2 each

Always organize with what you need and leave a bit of room for what you may want to add in the future.

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