Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Photo Credit : Google Images

I love Vancouver, mild weather, excellent food, beautiful parks, lots of trees but for the love of all things stylish, why on earth do most of the men in this city dress either in typical "gangster" garb (re: some sort of graphic tee with obnoxious phrases and generic true religion jeans or some other tacky branded jeans) Or at the opposite end of the spectrum in frumpy dad jeans and t shirts about 3 times too big.  There seems to be the idea that donning a pink polo counts as being "stylish," or the misconception that somehow dressing better equates to being too flamboyant.

 So here is my list of essentials every guy should have in their closet:
A pair of well fitted jeans
A white long sleeve dress shirt
A white t-shirt with no stupid sayings
A cardigan sweater
A well fitted black suit
A fitted jacket/blazer
casual shoes
Black dress shoes
 A tie

These will pair well for any occasion dressed up or down and present the wearer as clean and well put together.  You don't need to go all out on designer trends and spend two months paycheck on your wardrobe but it is important to stay relevant and modern, especially in today's fast paced life style.

Now you can say oh but it's all about the inside and looks don't matter; all that warm fuzzy stuff but let's face it how you present yourself will be seen as a reflection of your personality and if you walk around looking like the friendly homeless person two blocks over, it shouldn't come across as a surprise if people are less inclined to take you seriously!