Monday, April 08, 2013

My Plus One

Top: UO 20 | Cardigan: Zara 20 | Jeans: F21 19 | Shoes: Zara 35
With birthdays comes the inevitable +1 to your age. Whatever I may actually be is not how I feel or live by, for instance shopping is of course a favorite pass time of mine (typical right?) but with age I tend to forget what I throw hang up into my closet. Those old lady moments lead me to the treat of shopping my closet.
Isn't it a wonderful thing when you rediscover something you love and it’s practically free? I mean at some point you paid good money for it, but it costs nothing to find again. I loved each of these pieces dearly when I picked them out, but with time and my ahem "senior moments," they have been sitting there, unfairly neglected over the last year or so. Since my love of fashion can beat down my magical plastic card, I've challenged myself to fall back in love with the same pieces.
Absence makes the heart fonder and love does grow with time, so while I cannot love them in the exact same way, who said love only comes once?

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