Thursday, December 05, 2013

Intoducing StyleSpotter App + GIVEAWAY

We recently got to partake in a exciting new launch of StyleSpotter. A brand new app that officially launched today!

This app combines social media with fashion; users are able to browser fashion, shoes and accessories from tons of real time retailers while bookmarking their favourite pieces to showcase individual style. Sometimes we are only able to shop with our eyes but it doesn't stop us from sharing our style and the way we carry ourselves.

 We have had so much fun created inspiration boards with some of our favourite pieces including some tantrum worthily wish list items for the holidays. With their official launch in the App Store today, you can go download the app on your digital devices and start browsing and saving items.

And it gets better, to welcome and celebrate their launch StyleSpotter is hosting an amazing giveaway for a Michael Kors Selma Satchel!

It's simple to enter the giveaway, go to sweepstakes tab on StyleSpotter's Facebook page and submit your email. Contest will run until Wednesday 2/4. So good luck and don't forget to download the StyleSpotter app and follow us there!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


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I love Vancouver, mild weather, excellent food, beautiful parks, lots of trees but for the love of all things stylish, why on earth do most of the men in this city dress either in typical "gangster" garb (re: some sort of graphic tee with obnoxious phrases and generic true religion jeans or some other tacky branded jeans) Or at the opposite end of the spectrum in frumpy dad jeans and t shirts about 3 times too big.  There seems to be the idea that donning a pink polo counts as being "stylish," or the misconception that somehow dressing better equates to being too flamboyant.

 So here is my list of essentials every guy should have in their closet:
A pair of well fitted jeans
A white long sleeve dress shirt
A white t-shirt with no stupid sayings
A cardigan sweater
A well fitted black suit
A fitted jacket/blazer
casual shoes
Black dress shoes
 A tie

These will pair well for any occasion dressed up or down and present the wearer as clean and well put together.  You don't need to go all out on designer trends and spend two months paycheck on your wardrobe but it is important to stay relevant and modern, especially in today's fast paced life style.

Now you can say oh but it's all about the inside and looks don't matter; all that warm fuzzy stuff but let's face it how you present yourself will be seen as a reflection of your personality and if you walk around looking like the friendly homeless person two blocks over, it shouldn't come across as a surprise if people are less inclined to take you seriously!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Work it work it!

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So lately I've been a bit obsessed with attempting to be healthier, change up my lifestyle.  Thanks to good genes I have been blessed with a high metabolism and thus far the effects of my late night snacking haven't had much ill effect however, I am a believer of the importance of exercise and a good (better) diet.

I gave the 30 day vegetarian challenge a go and I will say it was not an easy feat! But it was a nice challenge to attempt all the same.  Perhaps it was a result from all the tumblr's I've been browsing through of late but I was overtaken with the desire to get in better shape and joined both a local gym and an online one by Zuska Light.  I've come across Zuska before when she was still with BodyRock TV but never really spent much time with it.

 For those of you who are too busy to keep up a gym membership and just can't be bothered with all the extra equipment required with other workouts I highly recommend checking out Zgym, the routines are at most 30 minutes and use very little of any gym accessories, not to mention it costs only 10 dollars a month and you can complete them in the comfort of your own home away from curious eyes.

 I wasn't aware of how effective Zuska's routines were until I finally went for some cardio about 2 weeks ago and found myself able to run for a good 30 mins and a fast recovery rate at that! Of course donning some cute workout wear is also a plus and I'm rather a fan of the Lululemon tops and shorts, but please remember that yoga pants/shorts are not proper pants for everyday wear.  I have seen one too many yoga pants being worn as dress pants, it is about time something is done about that!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gotta Have Dreams...

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It seems this summer we've been blessed with incredibly good weather which I have been enjoying most profusely.  As the title would suggest we all have those dreams and goals that someday if the fates allow will come to fruition and while I have my long term aspirations that I hope to achieve in the next few years there are some shorter material goals I've been having lately.  

Cue the glamglow mud mask which promises "super sexy super radiant skin."  Now I've always been a believer that skin care is something worth investing in because hey you only have one face (usually) and it is what you present to the world so of course you should present your face the best it can be.  I generally dislike foundations liquid or otherwise because of the heavy mask sensation/ tendency to rub off on everything factor, this coupled with the fact I have what Elaina and I like to refer to as "weenie" skin (a.k.a extreme sensitivity) not many products have been suitable.  Not to mention it being the summer and warm weather the addition of foundation just feels unnecessary and I do hear mud touts incredible benefits...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wen in Rome...

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It has been a busy couple of weeks and as a result we have been unable to do much of any posting apologies everyone!

Lately the weather in Vancouver has been a bit up and down but it is expected of the season and the city.  I am counting my lucky stars I don't get frizzes in muggy, rainy weather however my hair does tend to tangle quite often.  After my many bouts of hair colouring my locks were beginning to feel stressed (re: feeling dry and extremely tangled in the shower) and thus spurred my search for a hair mask or treatment to help calm things down.  Enter Wen hair care line.  

Now I had come across these products in the past and hadn't bothered to research it further figuring I didn't really need it and honestly with hair on the oily scalp side the idea of slapping on loads of conditioner even ones labeled "cleansing" wasn't altogether appealing.  But as fate would have it I found myself drawn towards Chaz Dean's products and decided on a whim to give it a try.  It was a miracle! My hair felt restored, smooth, luxurious and no tangles hallelujah!

The price not er so much, the cleansing conditioners range from $32 for a 16 oz bottle, $58 for a 32 oz to $210 a gallon. In order to properly cleanse the hair and of course depending on length, type of hair and so on you're looking at about 20-30 pumps of conditioner per washing to get the desired results.  As much as I loved how my hair feels I can't possibly justify spending that much.  

After some further digging on the interwebs I found that as long as you're using a silicone free conditioner, you can get similar results with any old brand.  A popular alternative is the Suave naturals line, I've also tried using the Live Clean line with promising results as well.  So lesson learned here kids, a heftier price tag isn't always better and it's important to know what else is out there before settling down.