Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Move aside traditional lipsticks! Say hello to the new Maybelline color whisper line.  It was a bit difficult to hunt these down but finally managed to get my hands on one and I must say they are something to blog about.  The packaging is very sleek and feels quite nice in the hand, rather study actually for a drugstore lipstick.  The color is sheer with a smooth formula that feels nice on the lips.  “Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel, no heavy waxes or oils,” which works just fine for me, I’ve got what I like to refer to as weenie lips.   I sadly have strong reactions to most wax based lip balms and lipsticks re: peeling, painful mess of misery.  The color whisper does not have much staying power however it really is more of a gloss than anything else.  Slightly less pigmented than the Revlon lip butters although Maybelline does have a nice variety of shades to choose from.  Worth picking up in my opinion for a light pop of color on days when a little extra is all you need. 


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