Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Bit of This a Little Mist of That...

I must confess to a problem... I am Margaret and I’m addicted to dying my hair.

With dye jobs it is inevitable that my truecolour peeps out every now and then (the horror!) and when it does I have an urge to re-dye it. The roots bother me, I have tried very hard to grow it out and go with the ombre effect popular these days but I can’t do it! Call it OCD because you can bet I’ll be perusing the hair dye aisle at my local drugstore comparing shades.
As a result of constant colouring, my strands are feeling a bit on the dry crunchy side (well not really but some pampering was in order!), and so I stumbled on Live Clean’s Argan Oil leave in spray. “Exotic Nectar argan oil leave-in conditioner spray with certified organic grape seed and olive oils is a weightless leave-in treatment that seals in moisture to provide enhanced long-term conditioning, shine and UV protection.” I have hair bordering on the oily side and by bordering I mean frolicking carelessly with reckless abandon so I’m cautious when approaching anything that has “oil” in the name, thankfully this spray is indeed weightless and leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy although I’m not a huge fan of the scent but it doesn’t last so live and let live I say and mist away happily.

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