Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gotta Have Dreams...

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It seems this summer we've been blessed with incredibly good weather which I have been enjoying most profusely.  As the title would suggest we all have those dreams and goals that someday if the fates allow will come to fruition and while I have my long term aspirations that I hope to achieve in the next few years there are some shorter material goals I've been having lately.  

Cue the glamglow mud mask which promises "super sexy super radiant skin."  Now I've always been a believer that skin care is something worth investing in because hey you only have one face (usually) and it is what you present to the world so of course you should present your face the best it can be.  I generally dislike foundations liquid or otherwise because of the heavy mask sensation/ tendency to rub off on everything factor, this coupled with the fact I have what Elaina and I like to refer to as "weenie" skin (a.k.a extreme sensitivity) not many products have been suitable.  Not to mention it being the summer and warm weather the addition of foundation just feels unnecessary and I do hear mud touts incredible benefits...

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