Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Work it work it!

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So lately I've been a bit obsessed with attempting to be healthier, change up my lifestyle.  Thanks to good genes I have been blessed with a high metabolism and thus far the effects of my late night snacking haven't had much ill effect however, I am a believer of the importance of exercise and a good (better) diet.

I gave the 30 day vegetarian challenge a go and I will say it was not an easy feat! But it was a nice challenge to attempt all the same.  Perhaps it was a result from all the tumblr's I've been browsing through of late but I was overtaken with the desire to get in better shape and joined both a local gym and an online one by Zuska Light.  I've come across Zuska before when she was still with BodyRock TV but never really spent much time with it.

 For those of you who are too busy to keep up a gym membership and just can't be bothered with all the extra equipment required with other workouts I highly recommend checking out Zgym, the routines are at most 30 minutes and use very little of any gym accessories, not to mention it costs only 10 dollars a month and you can complete them in the comfort of your own home away from curious eyes.

 I wasn't aware of how effective Zuska's routines were until I finally went for some cardio about 2 weeks ago and found myself able to run for a good 30 mins and a fast recovery rate at that! Of course donning some cute workout wear is also a plus and I'm rather a fan of the Lululemon tops and shorts, but please remember that yoga pants/shorts are not proper pants for everyday wear.  I have seen one too many yoga pants being worn as dress pants, it is about time something is done about that!

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