Friday, May 03, 2013


Diamonds certainly are and will always be a girl’s best friend. Of course my jewelry collection is not crammed full of Harry Winston, Cartier or even Tiffany’s (a girl can dream right?) so ladies you have to agree with me that we all need to fake it until we make it. What girl doesn’t enjoy a sparkle here and some kind of rock on her finger…wait correction fingers?

Slowly my costume jewelry collection has been growing, I spot cute pieces here and there and they simply need to come home with me. This creates the dilemma of organization. How do I organize all of the accessories so that I can see them (to remember to wear them) and keep them safe from turning into a tangled messed?

I took the route of saving my money; it seems rather silly to overpay for the containers that HOLD the jewelry and not the jewelry itself. I searched high and low for affordable and functional containers; even looking at containers that don’t necessary say“jewelry storage”; sometimes we need to see things beyond what they are.

Tackle boxes: Canadian Tire 5 each

Some might say that I am a late bloomer; one aspect of my lateness was getting my ears pierced. As I saw on TV girls begging for the ever-so-important process of girlhood, I could not care less. Finally giving in and just in time for prom, I suddenly found myself obsessed with finding that perfect pair of earrings; resulting in a massive amount of the perfect pair…

Tackles boxes: a clear plastic box with divided little compartments originally created for the dad favorite activity of going fishing, it gives each pair their own home, easy to stack and $5-$8 per box. These boxes also come in a range of sizes, depending on your space and how many pairs you have.

Bracelet and Necklace Storage

Plastic storage boxes: Daiso 2 each

Plastic Storage boxes: Daiso 2 each
I'm not a huge fan of hanging all my accessories out as room decoration; I rather have them stored away for easy access. I found these perfect pink and SPARKLY plastic containers for $2 each that have dividers to help separate my goods and also keep them from tangling into one another. These take up very little room and are stackable.
I use to love looking at jewelry boxes, but now I usually reserve those for my fine jewelry. As I may be borderline OCD when it comes to organizing, I dislike boxes that have no dividers. It seems silly really things just don’t have their own home, and just bangs into one other. I found these cardboard dividers at my local dollar store. They come in a package with multiple pieces for just $2, the best part is that all you need to do is measure out the length and cut it to make your own customized fitting. Then ta-da! You got your own customized jewelry box giving a home to each of your awesome rings.
Room Decoration

Glass d├ęcor bowl: Gift| Ice cream dish: Daiso 2| Glass candle holder: Bath and Body Works mini candle

Jewelry is a very pretty thing. It can take an outfit to a whole different level, but it also makes for great room decoration. I know that I mentioned that I’m not one for putting my jewels out for display, but a girl’s gotta put out a little sparkle for the finishing touch. I throw my most worn items into delicate display cases or just some inexpensive dinner ware. Next time you pass by something pretty and inexpensive, take a second look at it and see what kind of outside of the box potential it may have.

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